The Power Of Travel Memories: An Antidote To Coronavirus Blues

We travel because our life is defined by experiences. No matter whether we travel near or far, all of those experiences and the memories they create help us shape who we are. Studies say that ‘we are what we remember’ and very often travel memories take a priority within this realm of experiences.

They say that ‘travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’ and we couldn’t agree more! Why? Because you invest in your self-growth, mental development, self-confidence, education, stress management and much more – all at once. 

Think about all those times where a smile formed on your face once you brought up memories from a holiday by looking at a photo or how you felt when you discussed your travel experiences with a friend who has visited the same place. 

Also think about the process of creating memories and why you take photos when you are travelling somewhere. It’s a way to remember all the spectacular places you have been to and be able to recall all those little details that are usually forgotten as the years pass by.

The things you learn by travelling cannot be learned by reading books, watching movies, staying at home, and are unique to you; therefore, they cannot be taken away from you as you are the only one who has the ‘key’ to access and unlock these memories. And the key can be anything that’s relevant and associated with that specific trip – be it a souvenir, a shell you collected from the beach, a photo, a smell or a song.

While life as we know has changed in the last couple of months, you can still go to your favourite holiday destination in your mind until it’s safe to travel again. That’s because dreams cannot be quarantined. Check our Facebook and Instagram profiles to inspire your wanderlust and let your soul and spirit travel to Halkidiki. If you have travel memories when you stayed at Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa, please share them using the hashtags #AnthemusSeaBeachHotel and #TimelessMemories – we would love to see your photos and hear about the travel memories you made with us.